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5 Common Myths About Breast Augmentation You Should Stop Believing

Breast Augmentation- Dr. Ashutosh Misra 21 june

With an average of 300,000 women undergoing breast augmentation every year, it continues to be among the top cosmetic surgical procedures for women. The total number of breast implants across the globe is estimated to be 7-10 million. With popularity of the cosmetic procedure comes a lot of information on the web and also a fair share of useful information. There are several misconceptions doing rounds on the Internet about how women should avoid breast augmentation, but the fact is that there are no harmful effects of breast augmentation. This article our effort to put the women at ease by dispelling some of the common myths or misconceptions associated with breast plastic surgery.

Myth #1

Women cannot breastfeed after Breast Augmentation


Having a breast implant surgery does not affect the ability of a women to breastfeed milk. Most women in their 20’s and 30’s who plan to undergo breast augmentation are always concerned about the fact on whether they will be able to breastfeed or not. During a breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon will place implants in between the breast and the chest wall to avoid interference with mammary glands or milk ducts.

Do you plan to breastfeed someday when you have children, but desire for full and perky breasts today? If so, breast implant surgery is a safe option. Women who undergo breast augmentation have been successfully able to breast feed their babies. However, when you consider breast augmentation, the cosmetic surgeon will ask you if you would like to conceive after the surgery. This give the cosmetic surgeon an idea on how to plan his surgical approach and decide on the implant location for you.

Myth #2

Bigger breast implants are always better


The era of jumbo breast implants is over and bigger doesn’t always mean better. Many women are of the thought that bigger implants are always better, but that is not the case with breast augmentation surgery. The truth is that “Good things come in small packages.”, beautiful breast augmentations can come in small packages. Just imagine a 5 feet tall woman weighing 100 pounds getting a melon-sized breast implants will definitely make people suspicious. Breast implants that complement the size and shape of a woman’s body will make them look natural. There is an increasing demand for smaller and more proportionate breast implants. There are women who walk in to the surgeon’s clinic stating that her friend has had a breast augmentation of a particular size implant and she looks hot so that is the size she too wants.

There are several factors that go into consideration when choosing the breast implant size for women- how much natural breast tissue you have, distance between the nipples, whether or not there is asymmetry among your breasts and more.

An experienced plastic surgeon will guide you on choosing an appropriate implant size considering the existing breast tissue and numerous other factors to give a nicer shape to the breasts that are proportionate to your body.

Myth #3

Breast Implants need to be replaced every 10 Years.


This myth is developed from the fact that most of breast implants come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. The older generation implants had poor durability but the modern silicone gel implants last a lifetime and if everything goes as expected they can last for lifetime without needing any replacement. The science behind silicone breast implants has advanced big-time. The silicone gel implants in use today are made up of an outer shell that is likely develop any kind of a tear. Even if an implant is cut in half, the silicone gel present inside the implant does ooze out into the breast tissue. This is because the gel inside the plants is engineered such that it is more cohesive and firm and not honey-like gel to ooze out into the surrounding breast tissue. The modern silicone gel implants need not be replaced unless there is a problem and the most common cause of implant replacement is the desire to have larger or smaller implants than the existing ones.

Myth #4

Breast augmentation can fix sagging breast.


A breast implant’s job is to add volume but not change the shape of the breast or give it a lift. Your breasts will be of the same shape as before, only fuller after a breast augmentation. However, you can notice a subtle change in your breasts as they tend to be less saggy than before. For women having breast ptosis (sagging breasts), breast augmentation alone might not be the ideal solution. Yes, breast augmentation can correct a little bit of sagging, however if sagging is severe then a breast lift along with breast augmentation will give you the desired results. This is a great combo of cosmetic procedures for women who are longing self-transformation because an implant can add volume and the breast can be lifted and reshaped.

Myth #5

Breast implants can cause autoimmune diseases.


False, there is no evidence of this. Women fear that silicone breast implants are toxic and harmful to the body. In fact, human body has small amount of silicone present naturally, the presence of silicone inside the body does not cause any disease or illness. Several scientific studies on thousands of women having breast implants were conducted to find association between breast implants and autoimmune diseases. The studies neither revealed any interconnection between the two and nor any probability of breast cancer because of breast augmentation through implants.

Women curious about breast augmentation should look for an experienced cosmetic surgeon to have all their questions answered and myths busted out. There are several misconceptions and half-truths floating online regarding breast augmentation and only a consultation with an expert can have all your fears allayed. Find out how Dr. Ashutosh can help you achieve the desired breast profile, call us or schedule a consultation for breast augmentation in Delhi by filling up the enquiry form and we will happily answer any of your questions.

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