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Scar Revision / Mole Removal Surgery

For few people, a mole is a positivity sign while for others it can be a complete nuisance which negatively hampers their self-esteem. Not all moles are beautiful. Some people have very big or unsightly moles in clearly visible areas like face which they might want to have removed. Mole removal surgery is necessary for aesthetic and health benefits. A mole or a skin tag is nothing but a discolored spot on the skin, technically termed as a nevus. Moles initially appear as dark freckles but grow darker with time and at times might also protrude. Most of our patients want to have the mole removed because they do not like the way it looks or feels and few of them say it gets into their way when they shave or dress.

Laser mole removal treatment has gained popularity over time as it is affordable and less invasive compared to surgical excision. It has an accelerated healing time and a lower rate of infection.

Patients who respond to mole removal laser treatment are those having light pigmentation or fair skin and shallow scars/moles. Patients having pigmentation disorders or a history of Vitiligo need to undergo an initial skin evaluation test before treatment.

Laser Mole Removal Procedure

The area to be treated is anesthetizes with local anaesthesia. After numbing the area, CO2 laser is used to excise the mole. The pigment is usually cleared away by the body’s usual natural healing mechanism. As soon as the area heals, you will notice a scab which will fall on its own after a while. For a few days, the area will take a darker skin tone. From start to finish, the complete laser mole removal process takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

Laser Mole Removal Treatment Aftercare

  • Patients can immediately return to work in most of the cases.
  • Our surgeon recommends that you protect the skin from sunlight for few weeks by applying sunscreen when going out.
  • If you wish to apply makeup , you can do so after 7 to 10 days.

The success of laser mole removal treatment depends upon the excellence of the surgeon. Right from diagnosis and crafting the treatment plan to actually bidding adieu to the mole, it will be our responsibility.

Laser Mole Removal Cost

The total cost of laser or cosmetic mole removal depends on multiple factors –

  • Location of the mole- face, hands, legs, arms, body, etc.
  • Number of moles to be removed.
  • Size of the mole – small, medium or large.

Are moles on your body bothering you? It’s time you consult and get it examined by our team who can effectively suggest you the best treatment option. For a further estimate on laser mole removal cost, give us a call on +91-9717450084 or fill up the inquiry form for consultation.

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