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All You Need to Know About Male Breast Reduction Surgery.

Male breast reduction surgery- Dr. Ashutosh Misra 21 june

With the onset of summer comes a bevy of anxiety for people suffering from gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts). This condition hardly has any adverse medical implications but the mental toll of this on men cannot be underemphasized. If you are a man looking for a solution to enjoy skin-barring summer activities then you have landed on the right page.

When you are hot-dogging with your pals and they are doing titty-twisters, you might laugh it off, but it hurts. Men want to be happy with what they actually see in the mirror daily and if you are not happy with what you see because of your “man-boobs” then breast reduction surgery is for you. This condition of having enlarged breasts (man-boobs) is scientifically referred to as Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is treatable and your dream of flat-chest is right here with Dr. Ashutosh Misra -Male Breast Reduction Surgery.

Females are not the only ones up>ndergoing cosmetic surgery in hopes of perfect body. According to a renowned report, there were 27,760 men who underwent breast reduction surgery, a 36% increase since 2000. This statistic reveals that significant amount of men are undergoing surgeries- most of them getting a breast reduction surgery is to save themselves from embarrassing oversized breasts. Nowadays, male breast reduction surgery is winning wider acceptance as men do not want to make a compromise with their lifestyle and deny themselves of simplest pleasures of life like swimming or going shirtless outdoors.

What is Gynecomastia?

The scientific term used for enlarged male breasts is gynecomastia which in Greek means “woman-like breasts”. You might not have heard much about this condition but experts say that gynecomastia is common and can have an effect on 50% to 70% of men at some point of their lives and as many as even 14-year-old boys can also have gynecomastia. The actual cause of gynecomastia is ideopathic (not always clear) , however in 10-20% of men an imbalance of hormones like testosterone (low levels of testosterone) and estrogen (excess levels of estrogen) could be the cause of swollen breasts. This condition can affect one or both the breasts in an uneven manner. Gynecomastia is not a serious problem but men might find it difficult to cope up with as they may sense pain in their breasts and it also gives a sense of embarrassment to them. Gynecomastia that occurs in pubertal boys is likely to resolve on its own with time. However, if it persists, male breast reduction surgery is the saviour.

What is Male Breast Reduction?

Male Breast Reduction often referred to as “Gynecomastia Treatment” removes the excess fat and/or glandular tissues from the breast and makes the chest firm, flatter, stronger and better contoured. Male breast reduction also reduces the sagging skin because of excess weight in men to a certain extent based on the elasticity of the skin. Male breast reduction not just brings about a definite physical betterment but also gives a sense of confidence and psychological satisfaction. In most cases, the outcomes of male breast reduction are long lasting.

What happens in Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is among the most popular, successful and permanent method to treat gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men). The goal of any gynecomastia surgery is to restore normal male breast shape and repair any deformities of the nipple or aerola. Male breast reduction surgery procedure usually requires a liposuction surgery to be performed, surgical removal of tissue, or a combination of both the procedures based on the density of the fatty tissue. Gynecomastia surgery is usually performed by giving local or general anaesthesia along with sedation and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The cosmetic surgeon makes incision around the nipple to remove the excess fat from the breasts. In few cases, it might be required to remove excess sagging skin as well which required additional incisions to be made. The surgeon might suggest you to go for a lipo along with male breast reduction surgery as it can be done using the existing incisions made for breast reduction. If liposuction is done in conjunction with male breast reduction the likelihood of nipple distortion, blood loss and areola slough are minimized.

Who can undergo a Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • If you have health issues that you are aware of then Male Breast Reduction Surgery might not be the best choice for you to treat Gynecomastia. Having said this, discuss your health issues with our cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ashutosh Misra to make an informed decision.
  • The ideal candidate for a male breast reduction surgery is as early as the age of 18. While there is no upper age limit for male breast reduction, the surgery is likely to have lesser impact in men who are over 50 due to lack of skin elasticity. Hence, men above the age of 50 should re-think once about male breast reduction surgery and consult with the doctor on its impact before making any decision.
  • Use of steroids, drinking alcohol, and smoking marijuana is strictly prohibited for people who want to undergo gynecomastia surgery.
  • If you are overweight (weight more than 20-30 pounds of your ideal weight) then this might not be the best time for you to undergo male breast reduction surgery. If you are at a healthy stable weight then male breast reduction through a surgical procedure is an option.

What to expect from a Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • Male breast reduction surgery is ideal only for men who have abnormal large breasts that are not proportionately aligned with other body parts.
  • A male breast reduction will enhance your self-esteem and make you confident but it can leave a few surgical scars.
  • For men who are overweight, it is suggested that they first try to reduce their weight by dieting and exercising then opt for a male breast reduction.
  • The results of a male breast reduction surgery last for a lifetime.

Your physical health might not be affected by gynecomastia but you often will feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about enlarged breasts. Don’t you want to go to the beach with your shirt off and the best thing being with no weird looks or comments. If yes, then contact us to book your consultation with Dr. Ashutosh Misra for best-in-class male breast reduction treatment. It’s time for you to consider male breast reduction surgery to redecorate your masculine profile.

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