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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breasts define a women’s feminism and personality, and one is expected to exhibit sex appeal of what they have got. Having a bra size larger than a D gets observed, and often not in a good way. Walking down the street in a smock or in a huge sweatshirt will generate weird looks from passersby, whether it is a common stare by men or judgmental stares from women. Excessively larger breasts can cause social embarrassment, and refrain women from finding comfortable bras. Large and heavy breasts also lead to health disorders like neck, back, and shoulder pain, numbness in arms and hands, and rashes underneath breasts. These health concerns are likely to affect you both emotionally and physically.

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to get rid of the excess breast mass, skin and glandular tissue to achieve smaller, youthful and body proportionate breast size. On surveying women who underwent breast reduction surgery, 95% said that breast reduction helped them boost their quality of life and they were very satisfied. The foremost reason women mentioned for their happiness was relief from physical symptoms like back pain.

We believe that the best result of breast reduction is something that looks and feels natural, is long-lasting and customized to the physical traits and desires of the patients. At our clinic, this is achieved through minimally invasive surgery based on your requirements. Our only goal is to make you happy and help you achieve youthful breasts that can help regain your self-confidence.

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