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Dimple Creation

“A dimpled smile attracts more attention than a non-dimpled one.”

A dimple is considered as a sign of good luck, beauty, and even fortune. Ever wished you had those cute dimples? Only a few are lucky enough to be born with this natural facial trait. With technological advances, it is possible to surgically create permanent dimples. Dimpleplasty or dimple creation surgery has become the latest trend in cosmetic surgery, probably because of celebrity culture. If you are among those obsessed with the gorgeous dimples of Preity Zinta, Deepika Padukone, Maria Lopez, and Jennifer Garner, we can help you aesthetically make your face attractive by adding a dimple that will brighten your smile. The demand for dimple surgery is rising at quick rate among both men and women.

How Dimple Surgery is performed ?

Dimple creation surgery is a simple outpatient procedure with which anyone can get a permanent dimple while maintaining their natural look. Dimple surgery can be performed on any kind of skin/cheek whether it is chubby or not. The whole process takes maximum of half an hour. Before the dimple surgery is performed, you can consult with out surgeon to some extent on how deep or shallow you want the dimple to be. However, there are multiple factors that will affect the size, shape , and depth of your dimple. It depends on how much fat is present in the cheeks, the shape of your face, thickness of your cheeks, and a perfect balance of your facial muscles.

During the surgery, your cheeks are numbed using local anaesthesia just similar to the way dentist does when working on your teeth. Small incisions are made using the surgical instrument against the inner cheek and then by making circular movements cuts are made through the submucosal fat, mucosa , and the cheek muscle. Sutures are then made to stitch the desired dimple into place. The number of sutures varies from person to person based on the strength and thickness of their cheek muscles. Once the suturing is done, you are free to go home as we use self-dissolving sutures. In a week or two the facial expressions adapt and one can notice permanent dimples when smiling.

Recovery After Dimple Creation Surgery

Recovery from Dimpleplasty is straightforward as you can go home right after the surgery.

  • You might experience mild swelling and bruising for some days following dimple surgery. You can apply cold packs to reduce the swelling and it will usually go away in few days.
  • You can start eating soft food few hours after the surgery as the surgical site does not interfere with the eating or chewing process.
  • We will prescribe pain medication, in case you require, though most of our patients just do fine without them.
  • Make sure to observe oral hygiene by keeping your mouth clean using antiseptic gargles after every meal or drink.

Our surgical staff will provide you any further postoperative guidance for healthy healing.

Dimple Surgery Cost

Dimple surgery cost depends on whether you plan on getting one or two dimples. If you would like to know what dimple creation surgery will cost you, feel free to call us.

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