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Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobes are damaged or torn because of a pulled earring, continuous wearing of heavy earrings, trauma, a facelift surgery, or it can even be because of old age. Although many women try to hide their torn earlobes by changing their hair style or by wearing a scarf, they all have a yearning desire to repair them at some time or the other. With advances in technology, it has become easy to get ear lobes repaired. Earlobe repair surgery is performed to repair torn, split, damaged, or stretched earlobe piercings because of accidental injuries, or wearing heavy earrings for prolonged period of time.

Is earlobe repair possible without surgery?

Earlobe repair without surgery is absolutely possible using surgical glue (often referred as chemical earlobe repair). When performing earlobe repair without surgery the surgeon uses trichloroacetic acid. In earlobe repair without surgery, the surgeon applies surgical glue to the torn earlobes by approximating the edges. This is a completely pain free procedure and does not require any anaesthesia to be given to the patient. However, the results of suture-less earlobe repair are not permanent and require follow-up. If the lesion does not heal then the surgeon might have to repeat the procedure twice or thrice.

How is an Earlobe Repair Surgery performed?

During an earlobe repair surgery, the surgeon would first inject the torn earlobe with a local anaesthetic to numb the area. The particular technique that the surgeon uses to repair and reconstruct the damaged earlobe depends on the extent to which the earlobe has been torn and damaged. In most of the cases, the surgeon removes any scar tissue from the split ear that would otherwise prevent the repaired earlobe from healing quickly in a smooth fashion. Having removed the scar tissue, the surgeon uses sutures to close the earlobe.

There is also a novel earlobe repair surgery wherein the torn earlobes are repaired without the need of stitches being removed by the surgeon. The patient undergoing this kind of earlobe repair surgery does not have to visit the surgeon again to remove the stitches. This earlobe repair procedure produces faster healing and also results in better outcomes as it leaves a very light vertical line after healing which also fades gradually with time.

Earlobe Repair Surgery Aftercare

Recovery following earlobe repair surgery is hassle-free and straight-forward. After earlobe repair surgery, a pressure dressing with antibiotic ointment is done to ensure that it does not cause any infection. Nevertheless, the patient is likely to experience some amount of oozing for the first few days which is normal. Follow the below tips for earlobe repair surgery aftercare-

  • Always keep the area clean and dry.
  • Apply the antibiotic ointment given to the treated area, once the sutures are removed.
  • After the sutures are removed in 1 or 2 weeks, you will notice a thin clear linear scar that will gradually fade and soften after two or three month from the surgery.
  • It is always better not to wear heavy earrings again after earlobe repair and still if you want to wear, it is suggested that you wear them with that extra ear chain that goes all around the ear to provide support for heavy earrings.

Always listen to the surgeon properly when it comes to Earlobe Repair Surgery aftercare, to avoid any risks and damages.

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