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Full Body Lift

Get Freedom from Worrying About Saggy Skin

If what you see in your reflection no longer matches the way you want to see yourself, it is evident that you are looking older than you feel. If you have started noticing the effects of ageing on your face and your overall appearance, you should think about getting a face lift or a body lift surgery to get rid of the saggy skin woes. We offer variety of facelift, body lift, and neck lift options where each surgery is customized in accordance with patient’s specific aesthetic requirements. Dr. Ashutosh specializes in Facelift surgery, body lift surgery, neck lift surgery, and other cosmetic rejuvenation procedures. He is renowned for his exquisite skill and beauty to personalize cosmetic procedures to each patient’s unique needs.

Facelift Surgery – For a Younger and Refreshing Look

A facelift surgery helps people who have –

  • Less defined chin and sagging neck
  • Loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone in the neck and face
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Tired Appearance
  • Sagging Jawline
  • Deep Wrinkles on the face and neck

A facelift procedure lifts up and pulls back the skin to make it smoother and tighter. It will reduce the sagging around the jowls, neck and lower half of the face. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia. An incision is made in front of the ear that extends up to the hairline and also behind the ear into the hair bearing scalp. The surgeon lifts the skin and pulls the skin in an upward direction to remove the excess skin and tighten the deeper tissues of the face. The surgeon will consider all facial features that include the chin, eyelids, eyebrows, and neck to ensure facial harmony and avoid any unnatural lifted look. We can help you look 10 years younger with a facelift based on your bone structure, skin structure, and genes. Do not worry about the facelift surgery cost as it will pay for itself over time.

full body lift surgery - Dr. Ashutosh Misra

Thread lift Surgery

Thread lift surgery can be considered as a less invasive cousin sister of face lift surgery or rather be considered a non-surgical option for the traditional face lift surgery. In this procedure we use polypropylene threads that are inserted through small incisions with the help of a large needle. Each thread has a cone on the end which grabs hold of the skin and pulled to reposition the skin such that it is lifted and tightened, just similar to a puppeteer pulling the strings of a puppet from the head.

body life - Dr. Ashutosh Misra

Body lift Surgery – For a Youthful and Pleasing Body Contour

A body lift surgery addresses hanging skin issues that persist after drastic weight loss, post-pregnancy, age, and sun damage. Also known as lower body lift surgery or belt lipectomy because the incision made during the surgery encircle the body like a belt. This procedure raises , firms and tightens the skin around buttocks, flanks, groin, waist, thighs, and abdomen to get you in shape.

cosmetic surgery - Dr Ashutosh Misra

The fountain of youth does not exist, it’s your choice to decide on how to age gracefully. Looking for a natural yet unmistakable improvement, face lift or a body lift could be the right cosmetic procedure for you. Schedule a consultation with our experts for further personalized advice on how a face lift or a body lift can benefit you.

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