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Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction – Say GoodBye to Unwanted Hair Woes , Hello to Smooth Skin

Look, we ALL can be lazy. Men obviously do not want to wake up earlier than usual just because they need to shave. Women do not want to get irritated with that uncomfortable prickly feeling or sensation when wearing jeans without waxing. Shaving, waxing, and plucking all these day-to-day activities take lot of time. With the advanced technology our surgical staff can help you get rid of your daily stubble struggle through a safe and effective laser hair removal service leaving you with a fuzz-free skin.

Laser hair reduction has been around for 20 years now owing to several countless razor-free vacations and easy endless bouts with burning calories at the gym. It has gained immense popularity with women. We are often surprised how people ask us this question – “Do men also undergo hair laser treatment in Delhi?”. To all such individuals who have this question in mind, we would like to say that it’s not just women but we have plenty of men coming to us to get rid of the unwanted hair.

What is Laser Hair Removal ?

Laser treatment for hair removal is a non-invasive procedure of permanent hair removal. Hair is removed from any part of the body be it – nose, face, upper lip, legs, underarms, or the bikini line by making use of a long pulsed laser light. The surgeon determines the laser light parameters after carefully understanding the anatomy of the patient’s hair follicle. The laser light and the pulse duration are matched to the follicle size, depth and the region to inhibit the regrowth of hair. The surgeon directs the laser light onto the skin which destroys hair that is in active growth phase during treatment. Hair enters its growth cycle at different times, so we suggest multiple sessions to destroy all the follicles present in the treatment area. The number of sessions required for optimal long-term results depends on the area to be treated and a person’s hair density and hair growth cycles that are affected by multiple factors such as ethnicity, weight, diet, age, medication, hormonal growth, and metabolism.

Precautions to be taken After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

For Laser Hair Treatment, following precautions needs to be taken:

  • Aloe Vera should be applied to the soothe the skin, once the treatment is completed.
  • Scrubbing the skin with a loofa or exfoliating it in the shower can help speed up the shedding process of hair.
  • No razor, waxing or removing hair from the roots using any other way.

Why choose us for Laser Hair Removal in Delhi?

  • Licensed and Certified Medical Practitioners
  • Permanent Solution to Unwanted Hair
  • Affordable Laser Hair Treatment Plans for all Budgets
  • Scientifically Proven Safe, Efficient, and Reliable

Unwanted hair is always a nuisance, regardless of which part of the body it grows. If you are looking for a permanent hair laser treatment to get rid of those unwanted hair woes, then considering laser hair removal will be one of the best decisions of your lifetime. You might find laser hair treatment a little expensive, but in the long run, it will turn out to be good bargain.

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