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Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery- Help Us Build Your Confidence and Make a Positive Difference in Your Life

More than 1 million reconstructive surgeries are performed every year. Reconstructive surgery is a fantastic way to make adjustments that can enhance a person’s happiness and live a life the way they wanted to. We employ innovative techniques to provide reconstructive surgeries that are cosmetically appealing and can help individuals repair any damaged tissues. The cause for damaged tissues can be either birth defects, any severe injuries, infections, developmental abnormalities, tumors, or any other disease. Have an oddly shaped nose, cleft palate or lip, acne scars or abnormal breasts, we have the solution for all your cosmetic needs.

Common Reconstructive Procedures Performed at our Clinic

  • Breast Reconstructive Surgery – The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore the breast to normal size, shape, appearance and symmetry.
  • Breast Reduction – Performed to remove excess breast tissue, fat and skin to attain a breast size that is in proportion with the body.
  • Scar Revision – The goal of scar revision surgery is to minimize the appearance of a scar such that it blends well with the skin tone and texture.
  • Facial Reconstructive Procedures – Usually after illness ,accident or an injury, the face is most likely to be affected both in appearance and function. We have the expertise to reconstruct facial features and specialize in the following reconstructive surgeries for face- Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip Repair, Ear Reconstruction, Nose Reconstruction.
    • Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip Repair - Cleft lips and palates are birth defects which affect the ability of children to speak, hear, breathe, and eat. With this reconstructive surgery for face, we can help your child restore normal function by enhancing their appearance.
    • Ear Reconstruction – Ear reconstruction surgery is used to treat people who have an underdeveloped eat by birth or people who have lost normal ear through trauma or accident.
    • Nose Reconstruction – Reconstruction of an oddly shaped nose after trauma or accident.
  • Hand Reconstructive Surgery – This reconstructive procedure improves conditions which impair the strength, function and flexibility of hands, wrists, and fingers.
  • Tissue Expansion – This procedure involves growing extra skin for using it in reconstructing any other part of the body. Generally, used for breast reconstruction and is also used to repair skin damage by accidents or birth defects.

Our approach to reconstructive cosmetic surgery is about safety, quality and integrity. We understand your desires and goals to provide honest advice on what you can expect from a particular reconstructive surgery. With highest level of training, skills and experience, we suggest instead of focusing on a particular reconstructive surgical procedure, think of the problem you want to address and the results you want to achieve. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeons will help you develop a customized reconstructive surgery plan that best meets your aesthetic goals.

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery - Dr Ashutosh Misra
cosmetic surgery - Dr Ashutosh Misra
Plastic surgery - Dr Ashutosh Misra
Cosmetic surgery - Dr Ashutosh Misra
Plastic surgery - Dr Ashutosh Misra
Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery - Dr Ashutosh Misra

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